Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Episode I

I had so many people write to me about our first Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody, that I was inspired to do the prequels, but this time they will done ONE at a time…. So please enjoy, Episode I – The Parody Menace!

Just The Facts –

Here is a little info about the video for those of you who like this sort of thing…

75 Days of Production
1 File 16.5 Gigabytes
152 Gigabytes Of Drive Space

1 Director/Editor
1 Rotoblender & Colourist
4 Consultants

17 Music Files
38 Particle Illusion Files
73 Spoken Audio Files
86 After Effect shots
113 Sound Effects
118 Rotoscopes
172 Shots In 6:36 Seconds
230 Sony Vegas Files
294 Photoshop Images
302 Hours Of Rendering
382 Video Shots

First Shot done… Han Shoots First.
Last Shot done… Rose says, it’s just beginning…