The Odd Toy Story Reality…

The entire reality of Toy Story is not consistent in any way. Toys choose not to move when looked at (wonder if Steven Moffat ever saw Toy Story) but what does “looked at” mean? Is it only a human thing? We have seen animals look at moving toys, so that’s not it. So we can probably rule out any genus or phylum below that of a great ape. Though we would have to test that to be certain. But if toys choose not to move in front of humans, and it is ONLY a choice since they moved in front of Sid. What do toys feel or how do they know they are being looked at?

The reality they are in isn’t full of toys moving on security cameras constantly, which you would think it would be, and is it a thing where someone must be watching the live feed of a camera for the toy to know it’s being watched? Is that the kind of quantum craziness it is? If that’s the case then why isn’t there constant news stories of banks and businesses that only record footage to be looked at later, where dropped toys are scurrying across the floor to catch up with their owners and secretly jump back into the arms/backpacks/strollers?

What do toys feel when they are looked at? Is is like Spider-sense? Or is it something far more tangible, like when we put our hand under a heat lamp? Could it be a feeling? Whatever they feel we know they can over come it thanks to Sid. Is it painful when they move while being view? Did scaring Sid, while useful, cause physical pain to them that they chose not to show?

Do the humans in the “Toy Story” world not have the same rules or abilities as humans in our world. Imagine this. Toys can’t move while being looked at because the weight of the human focus on them causes them to be incapable of movement. The weight of a stare, whether directly or on the periphery is so powerful the toys find it difficult to move and have chosen just to remain still when looked at. Or is it the opposite, that humans in that world are draining to toys, by looking at them they all but drain their ability to move. Like a camera that takes part of your soul when it photographs you? While they can move, it’s a terrible drain on them.

Finally, how do toys move in this reality, not counting for the complete lack of musculature in toys like Buzz or Woody, they only resemble humans, they don’t have any of the necessary connective tissue to actually be able to move like one. What infuses a toy with the ability to move, what constitutes the rules of movement, is there toy energy in this reality? An unseen, unknown force that allows a toy to move in a way that resembles what it’s made to look like almost like a golem? Dog toys move like dogs, car toys roll more often than walk, and animal toys move roughly like the animals they were designed after. Woody and his plastic kin, seem damn near immortal, they consume nothing, they use no seen energy, nor expel any or waste matter.

While the world of Toy Story seems very near our own, yet the way toys move and “live” seem to be more inline with the Zuni Fetish Doll from the 1975 movie Trilogy of Terror, than any loving or caring reality would allow for. If you could convince a toy to simply turn a crank twenty three hours a day and that you would praise it for doing so an hour every day, the Toy Story universe should have a free clean form of energy for eons to come.